Buttermints: Stop Sugar Cravings Now.

Hello! I found these beauties on Empowered Sustenance’s site . I have loved looking through her site! Now this post, really weirded me out. As you all know, I love fats! I cook… Continue reading

Baking with a SourDough Starter

Friends! I Finally have a new post for you all! This post is FILLED with information, but I will start with my recipe and photo. I had been wanting to start a sourdough… Continue reading

Signature Korean Dish: Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a signature korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice”. It is traditionally served with a bowl of white rice topped with saut√©ed vegetables, raw or fried egg, sliced meat, and… Continue reading


Hello Friends! Today I have a unique and delicious recipe from Homemade Mommy,¬†Kimchi (or kimchee)! It is Korea’s national dish, and there are hundreds of varieties made with a main vegetable ingredient such… Continue reading

Homemade Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to makes these treats!! This does not correlate with Ferment February, BUT I just have to post this! I Copied this straight from Homemade Mommy! There was… Continue reading

Home Brewed Kombucha

Ok, friends. I LOVE kombucha! If you know me personally, you know I am a pretty picky eater, it has become much better over the years, but alas, my taste buds do not… Continue reading

I can’t believe it is gluten free-Pizza!

Who doesn’t love pizza? I mean seriously?? One of my greatest friends had the brilliant idea of having a slumber party. Jay and I are finally moved into our home and I never… Continue reading

Tamales-comfort at it’s finest.

What a comfort food! Tamales are great things to make when you have a bit of time. Luckily most of the work is done in the crock pot, but they do take about… Continue reading

Grapefruit Jello

Hi friends! I have been overwhelmed and touched by the amount of views my blog has been receiving lately. Thank you all so much! I have been seeing jello and gummies ALL OVER… Continue reading

Life Update

Hello Readers! As you all have probably realized…I’ve been busy! It has been just about impossible to do a weekly post. So I would like to take a few minutes that I do… Continue reading